Welcome to Platypus - The Odd Job Animal
Every house has a dozen unfinished jobs, little things that need fixing, something you never got around to, something you are not quite sure of how to tackle, it’s a little too high, too messy, too much like hard work, too complicated, too boring, too small for most tradesmen! The shelves that need hanging, that flat pack you never managed to build, those taps that drip, that blocked gutter, the overgrown hedge, the cracked pane of glass in the shed, the nice fitted kitchen that never had its tiling done, the wobbly chairs that need fixing. Need your PC cleaning up? A little bit of computer training? Wireless Broadband installing? Sort out all those untidy cables? Or do you simply want someone to mow the lawn!

The platypus has a duck’s bill, a beaver’s tail, the body of an otter, webbed feet and if that is not odd enough it is a mammal that lays eggs! Take all of these oddments apart and you have nothing but bits, but put them together and you have an animal worthy of a name. Take all your little jobs individually and you’ll never get anyone in to do them, but put them all together and you have a job for the odd job animal.
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